About Aaron Night

Aaron Night is a name quickly becoming synonymous with the term “vocal powerhouse”. Drawing on melodic styles, vocal agility and lyrical phrasing inspired by legends like Luther Vandross, Journey, Mariah Carey and Toni Braxton. 

Aaron Night finds himself shattering the noise with his most recent string of releases. Debuting in 2021, “Flares”, penned by famed songwriter Ryan Tedder, quickly climbed Music Week’s UK Pop Charts Top #10 in no time while simultaneously hitting #11 in Germany’s Dance Charts. Topping out big names like Zara Larsson and Jason Derulo, Aaron has begun carving out his mark in the international market. 

His most recent release, “Through It All”, is a tale of profound self-reflection and inspiration that instantly pulls listeners in with it’s smooth melody while keeping them hooked with strong polished vocals, guitar riffs and ingenious uplifting lyrics. 

Released in late February 2022, “Through It All” is on an upward trajectory with immediately debuting at #1 in Chicago radio within it’s first week of release.

Early in life is when Aaron Night gained his passion for vocal performance and dance. He frequently found himself atop the family’s living room furniture, belting his heart out to the latest hits as his younger brothers looked on in forced interest. His parents took notice of his talents and encouraged his pursuance towards his passion for music and dance. It wasn’t long until this proclivity for performing trickled its way into more than coffee table and kitchen counter concerts.

With his native Hawaiian grandmother’s influence, Aaron Night began dancing professionally 4-5 nights a week with award winning Hula Hālau (aka schools) emphasizing in cultural dances close to his heart. There he exercised traditional dancing techniques in the Hawaiian, Māori, Samoan and Tahitian cultures.

Knowing that being a well-rounded performer required acting prowess on top of his vocal and dancing talents, Aaron turned his sights toward acting. After landing a title role on his first musical theatre production, he would quickly prove his salt as a triple threat. As the rave reviews poured in for his theatrical debut, so did the job offers. Inundated with proposals to perform at various venues all over Hawaii, he quit his full-time job to make a living as an entertainer.

Aaron would use all of his knowledge, experience, and talents to push himself even further. Hopping on a plane to the “mainland,” he set out to make a name for himself. He was contracted at Walt DisneyWorld as an Equity Union Principal Performer, and remained under contract for many years. He continues to work hard at perfecting his crafts while maintaining his small grounded island roots. 

One thing is for certain, Aaron Night is a star whose shine is getting brighter by the second. He continues to surprise and surpass expectations with his prowess as an emerging artist. Through it all, Aaron Night refuses to dim his light. He will continue to sing his truth and show his power, helping bring in a new era of music the masses will remember for years to come.

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